Having plenty of great tasting food that has visual appeal is a must for a successful wedding.

Your special day is important to us to go without a "hitch". We will be available to you and your wedding party.

Do you need meal plans for your wedding shower, wedding rehearsal, the day of your wedding and for opening gifts? We can do it all and we will give you a great price to service you on your special days ahead.

Wedding Catering

Festivals & Galas

We will keep your crowd happy and well fed, with no reason to leave the event area for food.

What type of audience will be attending your event? Fast Foodies, Healthy Advocates or unsure? We will make sure to have food or snacks for everyone to enjoy!

Festival Catering

Special Events

Do you have a large conference, meeting or a special guest that you will be hosting coming up? To keep your audience attentive and energized we can provide bagged lunches or buffet styled meals for small to very large groups? We can cater to you a quick bite a go snacks or a 3 course hot meal right to your event door. Hot and ready or ready when you are meals just the way you want it. We can cater individual meals like specialty burgers or sandwiches or large servings like a large pan of lasagna and Caesar salad.

Special Event Catering


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